Chapter 1 - Human Factors and the TMC

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1.7.4 Perform operator task analysis

After the tentative selection of technologies and operator roles has been completed and approved, the next step for the human factors engineers is to carefully define the tasks that the operators will be required to perform. The goal is to create a document describing and analyzing every action the operators will take and every decision they will make during a range of plausible scenarios including normal traffic, congested traffic, special events, various kinds of incidents, and various kinds of inclement weather.

Task analyses generally include conducting detailed interviews with identified subject matter experts. In order to conduct these interviews for the Bayside TMC, human factors engineers would interview experienced TMC managers and operators from another location with similar problems, operational requirements, and goals.

Procedures that might be used by the human factors engineers for the task analysis are detailed in Sections 2.2.4, 2.2.5, and 2.2.6. Some guidelines are provided in Section 3.2.5.

For each task in the Bayside TMC, information or estimates are documented for the areas summarized in Table 1-2.(30)

Table 1-2. Data Obtained in Task Analyses.

The task analysis document will be used to help define:

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